Our M&A team is involves in preparing, negotiating and drafting share and enterprise all-asset purchase and sale agreements, as well as other specific related documentation, ranging from company divisions to entire companies, the mergers and acquisitions of companies, reorganization or winding up of such entities.

The team works benefits from their colleagues' expertise in taxation, real estate, employment, intellectual property and in corporate law, as the case may be. Such internal cooperation boosted by our industry knowledge gained in serving a diverse client base ensures that we are able to provide highly effective and specialized advice to our Clients.

Our philosophy is to approach and get the transaction done in a manner that best fits the client’s needs, taking seriously into account the current local business environment while not neglecting the global perspective. Special attention we pay to secure each transaction by finding the best method to guarantee that each party executes its obligations.


Amendments to the Trade Registry activity
The competent authority to hear the applications for registration with the trade registry is the director of the trade registry. [..more]
Proposal for law on the public electronic services
The Ministry of Communication and Information Society has opened for public debate draft laws, including the Law on the national interoperability system.