The Litigation and Arbitration team was established in response to the litigation needs of our corporate clientele occurred as part of their Conflicts are part of life in business and we regularly advise the Client about the risks they run in relation to disputes, as they can often be expensive and time consuming. In our opinion, litigation is the route to solve a problem only if negotiation to amicably settle the conflict fails.

We have always advised the involved parties to negotiate in order to avoid expensive and time consuming trials, as we consider the preliminary conciliation phase to be extremely important in successfully solving of any conflict.

Working always in close liaison with other teams, the L&A team is organized to meet those needs. Before preparing the case for trial, we always inform the client on the estimated costs of such trial, on all possible risks and advantajes occurring during the normal course of trial, as well on its approximate duration.

We have thus successfully representad clients in litigious cases having as object claims of commercial or civil nature, trademark and copyright infringements, claims on real estate property, actions for ascertainment of property or other in rem rights, “to do” obligations, employee’s liability, insolvency and winding up procedure, as well as other relavant problematical aspects.

We have been always dedicated to closely understading the problem exposed by the client as we consider it essential to cooperate with them in order to obtain specific tehnical information.

Comprehensible preparation of each case is the paramount condition to success. Current and potential conflicts must always be examined in their business context and we recognize that litigation or arbitration proceedings are only a means to an end, that is to develop and promote longstanding professional relationships.

Copyright law is to be amended
Proposal to amend the Law no 8 of 1996 on copyright and neighbouring rights is open for public consultation on the website of the Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony. [..more]
Proposal to amend the law on commercial companies
The Ministry of Justice has made available for public consultation the draft for the emergency ordinance on the amendment of the Law no 31 of 1990 on the commercial companies, amended to date. [..more]