Our IT team focuses on the protection and commercialization of technology. We provide legal assistance to clients involved in technology development and applications, including intellectual property protection, business and capital planning, while sustaining the creation of strategic commercial relationship that supports a long term successful business.

We work in close liaison with our intellectual property colleagues that have extensive experience in protecting patents, trademarks, copyrights in software as well as other intellectual innovative works. We aim at maximizing the commercial value of innovations our Client is interested in by negotiating licensing, joint development and related investment agreements.

Increased competition and rapid communications technology progress have accelerated the expansion of telecommunications services in Romania and thus encouraged local operators to expand their business, both nationally and internationally.

Our Telecom team is legally fluent in regulations on competitive practices concerning market entry qualifications, licenses, operating conditions, fees, tariff structures and consumer rights, and can provide expert advice on procurement and supply of telecom and IT products and services; IT law; intellectual property; telecoms concessions; telecoms privatization; telecoms concession conversion; telecoms litigation and arbitration; and corporate transactions for telecoms companies.

Amendments to the Trade Registry activity
The competent authority to hear the applications for registration with the trade registry is the director of the trade registry. [..more]
Proposal for law on the public electronic services
The Ministry of Communication and Information Society has opened for public debate draft laws, including the Law on the national interoperability system. [..more]