Our Environment attorneys have the knowledge and the skills to provide solution driven advice on various aspects of environmental law, including:

  • environmental regulatory compliance (environment protection, prevention of pollution, maximum emission limits for certain pollutant, protected areas and habitats, dangerous chemicals and waste products etc);
  • environmental related criminal and administrative offences;
  • litigation and civil enforcement;
  • negotiation of prospective transactions.
We cover consulting property owners and lessors, both natural and legal persons, on regulatory requirements, such as access permit, hazardous material releases and waterways, on contamination claims or other environmental compliance violations.


Copyright law is to be amended
Proposal to amend the Law no 8 of 1996 on copyright and neighbouring rights is open for public consultation on the website of the Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony. [..more]
Proposal to amend the law on commercial companies
The Ministry of Justice has made available for public consultation the draft for the emergency ordinance on the amendment of the Law no 31 of 1990 on the commercial companies, amended to date. [..more]