We recognize that our professional future focused on expanding yet refining the firm's practice depends on our unconditional commitment to the following values:

Client Service
Providing our client with outstanding service that meets both its business and legal requirements is the foundation of our practice. We seek to find the right strategic solution that satisfies the client's complex needs in an efficient, prompt and cost-effective manner, while actively interacting with the Client.

Our people are our most valuable assets. We encourage professionalism, responsibility, honest communication and trust. We attract and retain lawyers, professionals and other personnel who are passionate about achieving the objectives of our clients, promote our values and enhance the business and growth of our Firm.

We conduct ourselves with integrity. We seek to ensure that our practices reflect the highest practitioner standards and that our professional behaviour is constructive, fair and ethical.

Amendments to the Trade Registry activity
The competent authority to hear the applications for registration with the trade registry is the director of the trade registry. [..more]
Proposal for law on the public electronic services
The Ministry of Communication and Information Society has opened for public debate draft laws, including the Law on the national interoperability system.